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Pink Bling

It is not everyday that a bride requests all things pink and sparkly! But it’s not everyday that you meet a bride like Dawn. Dawn and Chris have actually been married 25 years to the day when they celebrated their anniversary in style. Dawn and Chris eloped the first time around, but this time Dawn wanted the full shebang!

I had the amazing pleasure of helping Dawn create the vision she had in her mind for her fun, high energy, very pink, and very blinged out wedding day! Dawn and Chris renewed their vows in the Chapel at Dinolfo’s in Homer Glen. The bride searched high and low for her classic strapless satin rhinestone encrusted gown. She accessorized with fabulous pink heels, a rhinestone tiara, and a cascading veil. She looked stunning as she walked down the aisle to meet her groom.

The couple’s sons were also a part of the beautiful ceremony, each pouring sand into a single vase symbolizing the family unity. After the “I Dos”, outstanding photographer Robb Davidson snagged a few shots of the couple and their VIPs before heading inside to get the party started! The ballroom at Dinolfo’s is striking. The guests entered through twin staircases under sparkling chandeliers.

In the center of the dance floor stands the piece de resistance: a stunning three tier cake trimmed with rhinestones and surrounded by custom monogramed and blinged out petit fours created by Amy Beck Cakes.  The bride and groom take their seats at a raised sweetheart table with the same lovely pink backdrop dripping in crystals and pomanders accents that was used as the altar backdrop. Flowers by Steen also created the breathtaking lush centerpieces.  

Because the bride wanted the full bridal experience, they were sure to fit in a bouquet and garter toss. The evening was capped off with delicious late night pizza! I think it is safe to say this bride got her day!

Pink-Bling-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0830 Pink-Bling-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0831 Pink-Bling-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0832 Pink-Bling-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0833 Pink-Bling-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0834 Pink-Bling-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0835 Pink-Bling-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0837 Pink-Bling-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0851 Pink-Bling-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0839 Pink-Bling-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0840 Pink-Bling-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0844 Pink-Bling-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0841 Pink-Bling-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0845 Pink-Bling-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0843 Pink-Bling-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0852 Pink-Bling-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0846 Pink-Bling-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0848 Pink-Bling-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0849 Pink-Bling-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0850 Pink-Bling-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0847 Pink-Bling-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0854 Pink-Bling-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0856 Pink-Bling-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0855



Venue & Catering: Dinolfo’s | DJ: Okyne Media Lab | Officiant: Pastor Joe | Florist: Flowers by Steen | Photography: Robb Davidson Photography | Videography: Just Hitched | Bakery: Amy Beck Cakes | Makeup/Hair: Appease | Transportation: Classic Wedding Cars | Wedding Now Coordinator: Allie House


Beyond Glamorous at Galleria Marchetti

Jillian and Gary could not be a more down to earth couple. They like to spend weekends playing vintage video games and hanging out at home. When it came to their wedding day they most definitely kicked it up a notch or two.

Glamour, twinkle, and shine radiated throughout all of the wedding day details. Yet, the day still felt relaxed because Jillian and Gary were still being their authentic selves. Both the ceremony and reception were held at Galleria Marchetti. The iron gate leading into the courtyard greeted guests with a vintage welcome mirror. As they approached their seats for the ceremony they passed by a polaroid photo booth which also acted as a guestbook for the couple. Once guests took their selfies they continued on to where the seating cards were strung in front of the ivy wall. They took their name cards and replaced them with a photo for the couple.

The bride walked down the aisle in a stunning fit and flare gown with a long sleeved lace overlay. She carried a lush romantic bouquet with seeded eucalyptus, dahlias, and roses in shades of blush, ivory and soft pink. She met her groom at the altar under a twinkling chandelier. The chandelier, along with the vintage furniture, only upped the glamour of the night. The chaise lounge was a favorite of the couple as well as guests for photo opportunities.

After the ceremony, the party got started right away with passed pink bubbly. As the guests entered the reception they saw large contemporary chandeliers hanging from the soft fabric draped peaks of the all season pavilion. They were treated with lovely floral details by A Stem Above. Lush garland draped across the head table and gracefully hung down the backdrop framing the wedding party.

The guests’ tables were adorned with wood cut out table numbers bedazzled with glitter. The sparkle continued to the cake table swathed with gold sequins. Even the cake was glamorous with a soft pink ruffled tier and a tier covered with edible sequins!

Being a part of Jillian and Gary’s wedding day was incredible. From helping ensure all of the glamour of the day was showcased to recommending A+ vendors, it was our pleasure!


Beyond-Glamorous-Wedding-Galleria-Marchetti-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0710 Beyond-Glamorous-Wedding-Galleria-Marchetti-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0711 Beyond-Glamorous-Wedding-Galleria-Marchetti-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0714 Beyond-Glamorous-Wedding-Galleria-Marchetti-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0713 Beyond-Glamorous-Wedding-Galleria-Marchetti-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0716 Beyond-Glamorous-Wedding-Galleria-Marchetti-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0715 Beyond-Glamorous-Wedding-Galleria-Marchetti-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0718 Beyond-Glamorous-Wedding-Galleria-Marchetti-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0708 Beyond-Glamorous-Wedding-Galleria-Marchetti-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0709 Beyond-Glamorous-Wedding-Galleria-Marchetti-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0719 Beyond-Glamorous-Wedding-Galleria-Marchetti-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0720 Beyond-Glamorous-Wedding-Galleria-Marchetti-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0721 Beyond-Glamorous-Wedding-Galleria-Marchetti-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0722 Beyond-Glamorous-Wedding-Galleria-Marchetti-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0723 Beyond-Glamorous-Wedding-Galleria-Marchetti-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0725 Beyond-Glamorous-Wedding-Galleria-Marchetti-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0726 Beyond-Glamorous-Wedding-Galleria-Marchetti-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0724 Beyond-Glamorous-Wedding-Galleria-Marchetti-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0728 Beyond-Glamorous-Wedding-Galleria-Marchetti-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0729 Beyond-Glamorous-Wedding-Galleria-Marchetti-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0730 Beyond-Glamorous-Wedding-Galleria-Marchetti-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0737 Beyond-Glamorous-Wedding-Galleria-Marchetti-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0733 Beyond-Glamorous-Wedding-Galleria-Marchetti-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0734 Beyond-Glamorous-Wedding-Galleria-Marchetti-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0735 Beyond-Glamorous-Wedding-Galleria-Marchetti-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0736 Beyond-Glamorous-Wedding-Galleria-Marchetti-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0739 Beyond-Glamorous-Wedding-Galleria-Marchetti-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0738 Beyond-Glamorous-Wedding-Galleria-Marchetti-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0741 Beyond-Glamorous-Wedding-Galleria-Marchetti-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0740 Beyond-Glamorous-Wedding-Galleria-Marchetti-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0742 Beyond-Glamorous-Wedding-Galleria-Marchetti-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0747 Beyond-Glamorous-Wedding-Galleria-Marchetti-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0745 Beyond-Glamorous-Wedding-Galleria-Marchetti-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0744 Beyond-Glamorous-Wedding-Galleria-Marchetti-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0743 Beyond-Glamorous-Wedding-Galleria-Marchetti-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0746 Beyond-Glamorous-Wedding-Galleria-Marchetti-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0750 Beyond-Glamorous-Wedding-Galleria-Marchetti-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0751 Beyond-Glamorous-Wedding-Galleria-Marchetti-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0752 Beyond-Glamorous-Wedding-Galleria-Marchetti-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0753 Beyond-Glamorous-Wedding-Galleria-Marchetti-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0749 Beyond-Glamorous-Wedding-Galleria-Marchetti-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0754 Beyond-Glamorous-Wedding-Galleria-Marchetti-Chicago-Wedding-Planner_0755


Venue: Galleria Marchetti | Photographer: Maria Harte Photography | Officiant: Chuck Bono | Rentals: Chicago Vintage Weddings | Transportation: Bus Bank | Florist: A Stem Above | Video: Shutter and Sound | Bakery: Amy Beck Cake, Vanille Patisserie | DJ: Okyne Media Lab | Hairstylist: Christine DeMark | Bride’s Hairstylist: Lindsey Olsen | Makeup: Tamara